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About us
We have merged the advantages of the Internet and Radio air to bring to you new and fun ways to interact with NEW LIFE NETWORK RADIO. 

Why aren’t all businesses marketing to Hispanics?

We think there's a lot of fear involved, and when you're a brand, you can't be fearful, especially when we’re talking about a market that's growing at a 167 percent growth rate.

You've got to look at that audience differently and can't make an assumption like, “You're Hispanic, you speak Spanish. So we've got to translate to Spanish and call it good.” That's what a lot of brands do unfortunately–they translate to Spanish and call it a day.

As a brand, you've got to do more. This is an audience who is looking for brands to authentically recognize, appreciate and understand the nuances of who they are.

Businesses want to do it right, but that’s where the fear comes in because they’re afraid to do something about their Hispanic market. That's what we're here to do— help brands understand the steps to take to advertise correctly.

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About us

Why advertise with us?

New Life Network Radio is committed to have a high quality programming to our Hispanic Community in the Eastern Region of North Carolina.  


At our online radio station we have developed principles for companies and organizations looking to establish a Hispanic/Latino outreach strategy. Our radio station is made up of talented individuals who work around the clock to bring to our audience the greatest hits, best news stories, concerts, special events, and more.


Please check our introductory packages and feel free to contact us if you need any further information.


Diego S. Reyes

Executive Director

110 E. Main St., Suite 211

Clinton, NC 28328

O +1 (919) 398-9531

M +1 (252) 214-3264

Tune us

New Life Network Radio broadcasts are available through this website and directly through the internet in Tunein.

Proclamando la sana doctrina
Aceite y Fuego
Cristo Fuente de Vida
Generación sedienta
Exaltando el nombre de Dios
Un nuevo amanecer
Palabra de salvación
Saludos y complacencias
Un tiempo para la mujer
Bendecidos para bendecir
WhatsApp Image 2017-03-03 at 3.11.44 PM
Servicio a la comunidad
Reflexiones Biblicas
Escuela Dominical
Iglesia Sinai Nuevo amanecer
Foro informativo
Jesus mi Fiel Amigo
Viviendo en santidad
La pulga del aire
Unción sin limites




Perhaps you may think that what you can sow today is very little, but every donation is fundamental, by allowing us to reach mankind through AM waves, on the internet, by our smartphone applications and by dialing to listen around the world.

Please send your donations to: 

110 E. Main St., Suite 211

Clinton, NC 28328

or click on the link below to make your donations by credit card completely secure.

Thank You!

New Life Network Radio


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We are here to assist you. Contact us by phone or through our social channels.

110 E. Main St., Suite 211

Clinton NC 28328
Phone: 1 (919) 398-9531

Texts to: 252-214-3264
Fax: 919-200-6693

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